We are proud to offer:

Firefly Art

More than drawing.

We offer Firefly Art because the creative process is a fundamental part of development.
While Firefly Art teaches drawing skills with a variety of art media, it also teaches children life skills. In Firefly Art, we embrace “mistakes” as part of life, and we learn to move through those mistakes, and beyond them. We want our students to be able to draw as a secondary means of communication, to relish in the creative process, and to also learn how to design creative solutions when we make "mistakes".

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Early Engineers

More than building.

We offer Early Engineers because too many children shy away from math and science.
We want our kids, and yours, to be exposed to topics like velocity, momentum and bioluminescence, alongside a familiar friend, the Lego brick. That way, when they go off to Junior High and High School, they will be more comfortable and willing to raise their hand when these topics come up. Familiarity now, will lead to the confidence to engage later.

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More than screen time.

We offer Honeycode because our children need to be creators, and not just consumers of technology.
As our world becomes increasingly more tech-dependent, the best way to ensure future success is for children to become tech-savvy today. However, we want our students to go beyond being able to teach us how to change the wallpaper on our iPhone! They need to learn the language of technology, so that when they grow up, they can create and contribute with the best of them.

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Chess Academy

More than a game. NEW!

We offer Chess Academy because we don't want to just play chess, we want to LEARN chess.
Come discover the legendary game of chess and engage in a rich learning process that can help improve memory, focus, and patience. Together we'll master openings, endgames, strategy, and tactics. The question is not whether you want your child to be good at chess, but if you want your child to develop the skills they need to achieve their future educational goals. Our proven class structure helps children learn and enjoy chess in a fun-filled environment.

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